Tea Parties Are Back

Oh So Whimzey will be holding the Tea Party event again!

What is a Tea Party?

You are the host planning a tea party. Your party needs a theme (duh.. what party wouldn’t have a theme?) So you follow the hottest theme of the moment, the current Oh So Whimzey pop-up collection theme! The colors are there, the theme is fantastic (everyone will love it!), and you can get elements within the pop-up shop. Planning this tea party is such a breeze! Of course, you need guests for your divine party, and where better to find them than within your digital planning community? Within the Digital Planning with Whimzey Facebook group, you have THE BEST digital planning peeps to invite (because they have style, can MAKE a party better, and always bring the hostess a gift (they are quite courteous guests!) To “invite” your guests you will post a digital planning layout to the group wall using mostly Oh So Whimzey elements following your fabulous pop-up collection theme, showing off your digital planning style, and tag your guest (A Oh So Whimzey PR member). Each guest will PM you a gift set freebie for “inviting” them to your party (such great guests). You can only “invite” each guest within a post once so you must post 4 different layouts “inviting” a different PR member each time in order to get all your “invites” out and be able to collect all 4 gift sets. You will get a host pack at the beginning of each tea party so you can track your guest list.

Please enjoy the tea party, it’s your party after all!

(Essentially, the Oh So Whimzey Tea Party is an activity within the shop’s Facebook group where you earn freebies for participation. Post 4 different layouts, in the specified theme, using OSW elements, and tag a different PR member in each post to earn 4 different freebie sets )

Information will be posted in the group during the event.

The tea parties will start on the Whimzday the Monthly Pop-Up starts and continue until the end of the month.

You can always check out the content calendar to see what events are happening ——–> CLICK HERE