And This Is Me

Get to Know Me

Hello! I’m Heidi!

I love whimsical, fun, colorful, (as well as dark and spooky), and creative things, but at the same time, I need things to be functional and organized. I need method in my madness. Being creative and artsy gives me a balance with that perfectionist side. For me, that escape to expression is therapy. I’m from Utah (rural- in the sticks area) I’m originally from a small-small even stick-ier town named Elmo. I’ve moved up in the world and now live in the “big” not really city, a few towns over from where I grew up.
I am a Mental Health Therapist by day and digital planner designer by night. I work in a high school. I love to travel when I can. I’m a big Disney fan (Alice in Wonderland is my favorite) and love the ocean and beach. I also like little oddities shops or little boutiques. I like crystals and flowers! I love to design, read, watch movies/TV, have dabbled in photography and would love to get back into it. I love coffee, tea, and music. Green is my color if you can’t tell (any green love it all), but also love teal, grey, and black. I am a Jeep girl and love to go for rides. I love Halloween and Christmas. I have two kids; a girl and a boy. And married to my high school sweetheart.

The Biz

Oh So Whimzey started in 2015 as a craft/design hobby but I didn’t really have the time (having babies and grad school) to dedicate to it at that time. It shifted into digital designs as I started needing specific things I couldn’t find elsewhere. I LOVE to create! So why not create exactly what I need. During that same time, I started digital planning and fell in love with it. I get to keep myself organized and functional while adding a little flair to make it fun. I started designing digital planning sets and just knew they could be loved by others as much as I loved them and decided to get back to my Oh So Whimzey brand restarting as a small digital content business. With the love of creating digital content and wanting to share I started this site. ♥ I found that digital download designs are the easiest and most convenient for all. I can create and inspire while still having my alter egos as a mom, wife, and mental health therapist.

Me As A Digital Planner

I use Goodnotes on an iPad Pro 11″ for my planning. I try my best to get weekly layouts done, but to be honest I’m lucky to get my monthly done. I’m working on it! I prefer vertical layouts. I just feel I can better see what fills my time (I like hourly planner for work). I use Google calendar as well and love using a digital planner along side of it to keep my head straight. I was a paper planner for years and years, but have been digitally planning for 4 years. I love that I still have all “the stuff”, but I have it all on my iPad and I’m not ‘THAT’ bag lady carrying all my planning stuff with me everywhere. I am always looking for ways to add to and grow my shop and brand. I love the digital planning community and just want to share it with everyone. I am always open to feedback and/or ideas!