What is Digital Planning?

Digital planning is just like paper planning but on a device. It is a paperless route to plan the same way you would plan with a paper planner. Using an optimized PDF file imported into an annotation app; the digital planner file includes embedded hyperlinks that allow for navigation with tabs and sections just like your paper planner.

All functions are similar to how you would normally plan, but digitally.

(Digital Planning is different from your notes app or your google calendar. Those -both great tools- are different from using an optimized PDF. The Digital Planner PDF is meant to replicate your paper planner. This means, just like your paper planner, it does not link/sync to these other agenda apps.)

Digital Planners, Journals, & Etc

Digital planners, journals, notebooks, etc are optimized PDF files. They are created specifically to be used in annotation apps for the purpose of digital planning. This means that they are created to look and work like traditional paper planners with hyperlinks for tabs and sections to help navigate the planner.

Digital Stickers and Elements

Stickers and elements for planning digitally are PNG files with the background removed so they can be placed in a digital planner and look like a paper or vinyl sticker. They are essentially an just an image, but most are designed specifically for digital planning. Digital planner sticker sets will usually include functional elements for planning as well as decorative stickers. Most will be pre-cropped meaning each sticker is individual and ready to use in the planner. Some you may find with a full sheet with multiple elements that will need to be cropped in order to use each item.




IOS & Android


IOS & Android

Why Digital Planning?

Digital Planning is a cost-effective way to still plan with functionality and creativity. You can re-use the digital elements opposed to paper planning options that are only a one-time use products.

Going paperless of course reduces paper use and is environment friendly. We are saving trees!

Convenient! All the stuff that comes with planning can be with you all the time on one device instead of having to pack around physical stickers, books, pens, stencils, sticky-notes etc. It is all stored on your device ready to use when you need to plan.

Digital planning gives you all that you need to customize how you plan. You can purchase multi-use templates, digital stickers, digital planners, notebooks, journals, and etc to fit any and all of your needs.

So many features! With digital planning you can copy and paste elements, erase without marks, convert handwriting to text, move information with ease when rescheduled, undo unwanted mistakes, and most can be searchable.

All information is backed-up. Since you use a digital file you can save and back-up the file in the cloud to maintain your planner. As well as being able to sync it across devices for easy access anywhere.