New Exclusive Shopping

Oh So Whimzey Is So Excited To Announce Pop Up Shops!

Oh So Whimzey will have a new shopping experience that includes themed collections with limited-time shopping and exclusive themes.

💚 Pop-Up Shop Info-

-Pop-Up events will include 8 products (7 of which can only be purchased through the Pop-Up) and 3 bundle options.

-Exclusive shopping event; only open for 5 days each month with a collection theme.

-At times, during Pop-Ups, prior themes may sneak in as bundles to give more opportunities to grab them, but they will not be available all the time …so the best time to grab a collection is during its own pop-up.

-The Pop-Up will only be hosted through the website

I am very excited to be hosting a more exclusive shopping event. It will kind of be like an exclusive monthly subscription… without the subscription part. Exclusive sets without the pay-first subscription!

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