Mental Wellness Collection by Oh So Whimzey

Mental Wellness needs to be a priority for everyone. I believe that many in the digital planning community use planning as a form of self-care. This collection can add to that prioritized time by implementing these resources to benefit your mental health.

The Mental Wellness Collection is a digital planning/ journaling resource. This series was created by a clinical mental health counselor following therapeutic tools and skills to guide mental wellness, self-discovery, and personal growth through digital journaling and/or digital planning.

Jot Well – Digital Mental Wellness Journal

The Jot Well journal is set up with 30 prompted activities to benefit your mental wellness. These can be done day-to-day in order or you can move around and select activities as needed. It also has blank templates and a free journaling section to add to your journaling and personal growth journey.

Digital Mental Wellness Stickers Sets-

Essentials: Includes digital planning essentials like days of the week, months, and date numbers. As well as some journaling and mood tracking boxes.

Positive Affirmations: Includes boxes of fun affirmations that surround mental wellness and positive self-talk.

Icons: Combines both mood and self-care icons for use with your digital planning or digital journaling tracking for mental wellness.

Awareness Days: Includes digital planning stickers with specific days and months throughout the year associated with mental wellness.

Reflection: Combines mental wellness tracking, gratitude lists, and positive affirmations along with guided grid boxes and elements like washi and color swishes for your digital journaling.

The Mental Wellness Collection is perfect for your mental wellness planning, tracking, and/or journaling.

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It’s time for you to focus on you for YOU!

Mental Wellness Collection Color Options

All sets and journals are available in these color palettes