Wicked Whimzdays

Oh So Whimzey hosts a Halloween event through October every year. The event is hosted in the facebook group Digital Planning with Whimzey. Throughout the event there are multiple new releases each week for lots of new Halloween and Fall themed sets. Plus you get sneak peeks each week to get a small glimpse of what is coming up that week. AND you get weekly deals on prior Halloween or Fall sets that are within the Oh So Whimzey Etsy shop. This year weekly games will be added to allow group interaction and opportunity to win prizes! Join the facebook group to be a part of this fun event!

Sad News

Holly Pixels has made the hard decision to discontinue the vendor program at HollyPixels.com.

Holly Pixels Announcement

Holly’s Message:

“This year, my business has taken an enormous hit, and I simply could not sustain a sizeable multi-vendor website anymore here at Holly Pixels. With a heavy heart, I had to decide to release our vendors and support team to reduce expenses.” 

What This Means for You

This means that So Oh So Whimzey will no longer have an exclusive shop at HollyPixels.com.

All items from the Oh So Whimzey vendor shop and all other vendors will be shown out of stock on HollyPixels.com until the end of the year and then be removed. (This allows time for everyone to make sure they have their downloads from the shop before they are gone for good) On January 1, 2022, order downloads from Oh So Whimzey will no longer be hosted at HollyPixels.com.

From Oh So Whimzey

I am saddened by this news. I enjoyed having an exclusive option at HollyPixels.com. It gave an alternative option to Etsy as well as having some different things from Oh So Whimzey available. I definitely understand why she needed to make this decision, but can’t say it’s not upsetting. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had the time with HollyPixels.com. And Holly has taught me a lot that has helped my shop grow. I do hope she knows the positive impact she has in the digital planning community as well as with digital designers. I am happy to have had the time working with her!

As for the shop and the item that were exclusive to Holly Pixels. I will be working on moving these items so they are still available elsewhere. And will announce that once complete.

New Website

Oh So Whimzey has been working and working and working to update the website. I am so excited to have our own domain as well as a place to keep everything together. You can now go to ohsowhimzey.com to see all things Oh So Whimzey. New products as well as freebies will be announced so you can stay up to date. You can check this one site to see all that is happening!

The site now shows updates for:

  • New Planner Sticker sets from Etsy
  • New Planner Sticker sets from Holly Pixels
  • New Freebies
  • Announcements for Oh So Whimzey Happenings
  • Monthly Content Calendar & Color
  • Recent Instagram Posts
  • and more…

New Planner Sticker Kits

Oh So Whimzey has been working hard on our product. We are so glad to introduce Planner Sticker Kits. The kits come with over 200 elements that include functional stickers, decor stickers, journal card stickers, and icons/text. These can be used to plan daily, weekly, or monthly.

Below are the current kits available, but more will be coming soon!

The shop now offers:

  • Planner Sticker sets (smaller simple mini set)
  • Planner Sticker Kits (more elements, multiple function kit)
  • Filler Pages (various note page styles)
  • Monthly Sticker Sets (Made specifically for monthly and bill tracking)
  • Monthly Planning Pages (for pre-planning or monthly planners)